Has that purple paste left a bad taste in your mouth?

Did You Get The Results You Were After?

or did you have the same experience as these guys?

Real comments taken directly from a single Instagram post
(we gave up taking screenshots and didn't read through all of the comments)

Perhaps those bulky mouth trays with cheap led lights left you feeling a little dull

Were you able to stick with the daily routine?

or did you find the units clunky, uncomfortable, and frustrating to use?

Although the mouthguards might look great, the slow-release gel used in these kits wouldn't even generate results when used with a $10k, professional-grade, whitening light.

Why Are We Not Surprised?

Simply put...

You can't package long-term, high-quality, teeth whitening in a bottle, sell it for $40 and expect it to work.

Likewise, cheap blue led lights might look great, but that'a ll they're really good for.

But If You Want To Get Technical About It

1. Whitening gel that is strong enough to work needs to be applied by a professional to ensure no damage to gums

2. a professional laser light (worth $10k+) is required to activate the gel

3. Any teeth whitening solution that requires multiple treatments needs to use a custom-fitted mouth tray - otherwise it becomes too uncomfortable and will not be used often enough to get results

Basically, for a home teeth whitening solution to have any real chance of working, you need a custom-fitted mouth tray that is used regularly, over a long period of time.

So, What's The Solution?

Professional Laser Whitening

Get 6 - 12 shades whiter in just 60 minutes

A teeth whitening solution that lasts months, or even years (as opposed to between 4-8 hours).

Imagine walking out of your 60-minute teeth whitening session with a smile 6+ shades brighter!
That’s the reality of our laser teeth whitening treatment, which has been clinically developed to remove stains on the tooth surface, as well as deep within the teeth!

When you visit The White Smile Company for laser teeth whitening, a clinically formulated gel is professionally applied in conjunction with a state-of-the-art laser light accelerator to remove stains that have built up over years in just 60 minutes.

The gel works by opening up the pores in the surface of your teeth to remove stains, while the light acts as a catalyst and speeds up the process.

This restores the teeth back to their natural whiteness leaving them looking healthy, bright, and naturally white.

This pain-free treatment has been extensively tested worldwide and is clinically proven to be safe, with no long-term negative effects on the gums, dentine or enamel.

In fact, the whitening gels we use in our laser treatment are formulated to strengthen the teeth and kill 95% of harmful bacteria that may be in the teeth or gums.