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We are cosmetic teeth whitening specialists. We are based in Christchurch but run monthly clinics in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington.

Hi I’m Terri the founder of The White Smile Company I am not only the founder of the company but also the teeth whitening specialist, I have been carrying out Teeth Whitening treatments for over 10 years, 8 in the UK and 2 here in New Zealand. I have extensive knowledge, training and experience, I have personally carried out over 10,000 teeth whitening treatments over the course of my career and have specialised in teeth whitening and only teeth whitening in this time.

As you can imagine there is nothing I don’t know about whitening peoples teeth. I have tried and tested most teeth whitening systems and products on the market and am satisfied that I have eliminated the poor and average systems and products to deliver the best possible whitening treatment there is.

Why Choose Us?

Friendly professional service with the very latest technology.

We have invested in state of the art technology

The White Smile Company is proud to bring you the very latest technology to help you achieve the best possible results. This revolutionary treatment, manufactured in California brings 3 steps of improvements from the older generation teeth whitening systems. Firstly the laser light is a cold filtered light which filters out UV rays, thus reducing sensitivity and preparation time. Secondly the patented whitening gels that we use are specially formulated to reduce sensitivity, are designed with special ingredients to help strengthen teeth during the whitening procedure. And thirdly our treatment is extensively clinically tested by dentists worldwide and has received a 98% clinical rating, gaining the dental advisor’s ‘Top whitening system for 4 years in a row’



We specialise in only teeth whitening

Unlike beauty salon’s that provide many beauty and cosmetic treatments, and general dental practises, who provide a whole range of dental treatments, The White Smile Company specialise ONLY in Teeth Whitening. With our Specialists performing over 1000 treatments per year, we believe our patients benefit from the improvement in technique, knowledge and experience associated with treating more patients which in our opinion ultimately produces better results. We keep our overheads lower as we focus only on teeth whitening, allowing us to pass the savings onto the customer.


We have received some excellent feedback and testimonials from very happy clients. Be sure to visit our Facebook page for even more testimonials and before and after photos.

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